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Baby Jogger Summit X3 Travel Bag

Baby Jogger Summit X3 Travel Bag

Travel Bag for the Baby Jogger Summit.

Hardwearing travel bag to store and transport you Baby Jogger Summit pushchair with the wheels off.

The Travel Bag has a separate side pocket for the wheels.

The Summit Travel Bag protects against knocks bumps and scratchesprotects against knocks bumps and scratches
The Summit Travel Bag does not protect against crushingDOES NOT protect against crushing

The biggest risk to your Baby Jogger Summit is crushing when transported on an airline, you may not even know at the time that it has been damaged, it could take months for a 'hairline crack' to end in a failure, or a bent frame is the constant annoyance of a pushchair which wobbles. The danger is that if the pushchair is in a Travel Bag then you are more likely to hand it over at the checkin desk and it is packed by baggage handleers with lots of heavy suitcases in top.

You may be better off not using a Travel Bag but wheeling it to the Aircraft Gate and having it put in the hold on top of the luggage. Best option is to pack it into the Travel Bag at the Gate

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