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Baby Jogger Summit X3 Upright

Baby Jogger Summit X3 Upright

Length (max) Swivel Wheel Mode 47" 120 cm

Handle Height (non adjustable) 40" 102 cm

Handle to Axle separation 15" 38 cm

Width 25.5" 65 cm

Seat Width 14" 35.5 cm

Seat Depth 10" 26 cm

Seat Back 20" 51 cm

Seat to Footplate 10.5" 27 cm

Maximum Head Height n/a" n/a cm

Weight 29 lbs 13.1 kg

Max Load Child, Europe EN1888 48 lbs 22 kg

Recommended Tyre Pressure 20 psi 0.7 bar

Wheels (pneumatic) Front 12" 30 cm

Wheels (pneumatic) Rear 16" 41 cm
Folded Wheels On

Folded Wheels On

Length 34" 86 cm

Height 16" 39 cm

Width 25.5" 65 cm
Folded Wheels Off

Folded Wheels Off

Length 28.5" 73 cm

Height 7"18 cm

Width 21" 53 cm

Weight 19 lbs 8.7 kg



Manufactured to the relevant international safety standards and complies with BS EN 1888-2:2018

Design Use

Baby Jogger pushchairs are suitable from 6 months (walking) and 9 months (jogging) to 22kg (4 years ?). The seats are deeper and the weight capacity higher than some pushchairs


Constructed of heavy duty aluminium tubing with major stress joints welded for durability. High stress items like axles are of coated steel. Plastic mouldings of high grade polymer. Hinged rear suspension system provides shock absorption for a comfortable ride without sacrificing lateral stability.

Remarkable Quick Fold Technology never fails to impress everyone we have shown it to!

There is a clamp to keep the pushchair shut when folded.


Robust & effective suspension on ALL wheels to reduce jarring of the occupant as it rides over obstacles.


Strong, lightweight, washable fabrics which easily detach from the frame. The seat should be washed in cold water on the delicate cycle of your washing machine and attached back onto the stroller to dry.


300mm (12") Front Wheel plus 400mm (16") Rear Wheels, all pneumatic with double steel bearings are free running and more importantly give a smooth ride. Heavy Duty Thorn Resistant inner tubes fitted as standard.

The Quick Release Wheels (front and rear) are not fiddly to mount or dismount - less than 5 seconds per wheel!

Fixed Handle

The Summit has a fixed handlebar stronger and more rigid than an adjustable handlebar due to the expected off road or jogging use.


The Baby Jogger seat angle is easily adjustable with one hand reclining to fairly flat. It is suitable for use from birth or you can add a Carrycot. The seat base and back are padded providing both cushioning and insulation from underseat cooling.


The basket is a decent size and can be accessed all sides.

They have put a lot of thought into the design of their pushchairs and how parents will be using them.

The specifications listed above are subject to minor variations.

Please exercise caution when comparing pushchair specifications between manufacturers - especially weight as they weigh them with different accessories fitted - they all like to show their product in the best light! We have tried as far as possible to give the worst case maximum dimensions even when they are greater than listed by the manufacturer, the weights include the wheels, basket and sun canopy.

Please note that the specifications listed above are as accurate as is practical to give, they are rounded for ease of presentation and are subject to manufacturers change without notice. The weight given is what we weighed it at and is slightly greater than that listed by the manufacturer. On the other hand because they detail the maximum point on the pushchair they may also give the impression that the pushchair is larger than it actually is when folded. If a particular dimension is crucial to you then contact us for an exact figure.
Maximum Tyre Pressure should not be exceeded and should be reduced if transported in the unpressurised cargo hold of an aircraft on a long haul flight.