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Graphic below illustrates how a Baby Jogger Summit X3 folds using the earlier Black & Grey model (apologies, will be replaced as newer photos become available)

Summit X3 Folding System

Summit X3 Folding System
Folding a Baby Jogger Summit is easy!

Inside the seat is a finger loop strap (1) and a strap handle (2) which operate the folding system.

For double safety the strap handle (2) is disabled until the finger loop strap (1) has been operated.

A Put your finger through the loop (1) and lift then

B Pull up on the strap handle (2)

Follow through to raise the pushchair from the ground so the frame does not scrape the floor.

TIP - If you are right handed then you may find it easiest to operated the fold handle with your left hand so that you have your strong hand to manoeuvre the pushchair once folded.

TIP - If you unclick the two rear wheels before folding (it only takes 3 seconds per wheel) then the pushchair is about 3kg lighter when you fold it. Removing the rear wheels significantly changes the size and shape of the Summit for ease of storage and transportation.