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Drinks Holder (Liquid Holster)

Drinks Holder (Liquid Holster)

Drinks Holder (Liquid Holster)

Be it a bottle for the baby, a designer spring water for mum, or isotonic drink for the jogger, the Liquid Holster ensures refreshment is close at hand.

This is actually a very useful addition for your Baby Jogger Summit especially if you intend to jog with it. Drinks tend to leak when stored on their side in the under seat basket.

The Liquid Holster clamps easily onto the pushcair frame where it is most convenient for you, the drinks holder part itself is detachable from the clamp if that makes it easier for you when the pushchair is folded and when mounted it pivots in one direction to reduce spills. Self adjusting grips hold almost all bottle and can sizes up to 800ml.

a Screwdriver is included with the Liquid Holster and it is is easy to fit to your pushchaireasy to fit - screwdriver included !
the Liquid Holster is self levelling in one axisself levelling (one axis)
the Liquid holster is detachable from the mounting clampdetachable bottle holder
the Liquid holster is made from high impact plastic and is supplied with stainless steel fixingsdurable - high impact plastic & stainless steel fixings

Click to watch the Liquid Hoster Installation Video Liquid Hoster Installation VideoLiquid Hoster Installation Video

Total Price 19.95 (including delivery and VAT at 20%)

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