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Baby Jogger Summit X3

The Summit X3 is the latest incarnation of this go anywhere pushchair from Baby Jogger.

If straying onto the green stuff at the park is what you mean by 'all terrain' then almost any three wheeled pushchair will probably do it for you, and in recent years we have seen most manufacturers and retailers call their products 'all terrain' to the point where the term can now seem almost meaningless !

By 'all terrain' we mean a pushchair which will take you off road - across farmland, through woodlands, traverse moors, navigate streams, conquer sand dunes - as well as the handle the bustle of the city
  • do it with ease, in comfort for the occupant, and with style
  • where the primary limitation on where you can go is your ability to get a secure foothold
  • for the pushchair to do that without excessive wear and tear to the product, i.e. it will last
and where you end up wanting to do it again...rather than dreading it !

The Baby Jogger Summit can go almost anywhere
  • reverse locked front wheel - it locks protruding forwards, on rough ground the longer wheel base takes obstacles in it's stride where the 'snub nosed' swivel wheel pushchair would dig in
  • large wheels offer a shallow angle of attack against a hollow or bump , free rolling less effort to operate
  • adjustable seat and headroom - more supportive seat base (for the younger baby on smoother surfaces ?) has removable support board for softer off road ride and higher headroom for the taller child
  • fixed handlebar - positive action, push down on the handle and the pushchair moves as you direct none of the flex/lag of an adjustable handle (which can have a tendency to get 'sloppy' if used consistently on rough ground)

The original Baby Jogger concept for the Summit was for a hybrid urban/jogging pushchair a more all round user friendly but less ernestly professional running machine than the Baby Jogger Performance.

This latest Summit model has an upgraded front wheel with a Tracking Adjustment so that you can 'out tune' your running style.

Then when you start to play with it you will appreciate how well the features they have built in can benefit you.

  • ruggedly built and seriously capable off road in countryside with all wheel suspension for a smoother ride
  • highly manoeuvrable around town


  • High Quality Materials & Tough Construction

There's a range of quality Baby Jogger accessories to customise your Baby Jogger Summit X3:
  • Deluxe Carrycot - the carrycot converts the pushchair into a pram for those first few important months when a baby should ideally lay flat
  • Footmuff - a versatile comfortable foot muff, use complete, with the front removed just as a backing, with or without it's detachable fleece lining
  • Bellybar - neat quick release adjustable bar to secure toys etc. to
  • Child Tray - quick release/fold aside tray easy to keep clean surface with cup holder
  • Travel Bag - protects your Baby Jogger Summit X3 from bumps and scratches (not crushing)
  • Parent Console - protects your Baby Jogger Summit X3 from bumps and scratches (not crushing)

There is also a range of additional accessories we have selected over a number of years with which you can customise your Baby Jogger Summit X3 into the ideal pushchair for your needs as the seasons change and your child grows.

We then put together discounted package deals

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